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Yağmur Deniz Kisa (CV)
PhD Student

Department of Psychology
University of Chicago

Sarıçimen, İ., Kısa, Y. D., Aktan-Erciyes, A., & Göksun, T. (2017, July). Mothers' use of spatial language and spatial gestures. 14th International Congress for the Study of Child Language, Lyon, France.

Kısa, Y.D., Sarıçimen, İ., Aktan-Erciyes, A., & Göksun, T. (2017, April). Learning relational words: A longitudinal study. Paper presented as part of the symposium in N. George (chair), Playing with words: How parents highlight event structure through language and gesture, at the Society for Research on Child Development, Austin, TX.

Kısa, Y. D., Aktan-Erciyes, A., & Göksun, T. (2017, January). A longitudinal study on learning spatial language in the first two years. Poster presented at the 17th BCCCD conference, Budapest, Hungary.

Kısa, Y.D., Karşılar, H. & Balcı, F. (2015, December). The effect of biological motion on time perception. Poster presented at the Department of Psychology, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Contact Information
Depertment of Psychology
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL, 60615