Principal Investigator
Daniel Casasanto

How experience shapes the brain and mind.
Lab Manager
Ché Lucero

Gesture; Language; Metaphor; Clinical Applications of Cognitive Theory
Graduate Students
Geoffrey Brookshire

Neural Basis of Emotion; Motor Experience; Language; Metaphor; Bodily Relativity
Tom Gijssels

Language; Social Neuroscience; Space and Time; Bodily Relativity
Defu Yap

Gesture; Metaphor; Iconicity in Language
Benjamin Pitt

Neural Basis of Creativity; Bodily Relativity; Cognitive Design
Rebecca Rosen

Racial Perception; Political Attitudes; Minority Opinion
Long Distance Operatives
Roberto Bottini

Metaphor; Linguistic Relativity; Cultural Relativity; Consciousness; Space and Time
Sarah Dolscheid (Ph.D. Student, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nymegen, NL)

Linguistic Relativity; Psychophysics; Metaphor
Kyle Jasmin (Ph.D. Student, UCL, London; NIMH, Bethesda, MD)

Language; Social Neuroscience; Gesture; Metaphor; Bodily Relativity
Antonio Román (Ph.D. Student, University of Granada)

Cultural Relativity; Space and Time; Gesture
Juanma de la Fuente (Ph.D. Student, University of Granada)

Bodily Relativity; Cultural Relativity; Emotion; Motor Experience
Jonathan Kominsky (Ph.D. Student, Yale University)

Causal Cognition; Metaphor; Emotion; Bodily Relativity; Perspective Taking
Research Assistants
Holly Zaharchuk

Gesture; Racial Perception; Metaphor
Amanda Dobbyn

Bodily Relativity; Gesture
Nikolai Maximay

Mental Number Line; Mental Metaphor
Melissa Grossbarth

Bodily Relativity; Gesture
Paula Aguti

Language; Metaphor; Bodily Relativity
Michelle Kim

Bodily Relativity
Chelsea Rapoport

Language; Metaphor